A Few Past Sales



  • A Few Past Sales

Here is a link to view photos : https://www.estatesales.net/IL/Winnetka/60093/3710985 *Online pre-sales start Wednesday at 9am. Call or text 773-398-4829 to purchase

While this isn't one of our recent sales, it is certainly one of our most interesting! This is the Schmidt-Burnham log house, the oldest log house in Cook County. Built in the 1830's, the house was moved in the early 1900's from Indian Hill to Tower Road (think horses and logs) by the indomitable artist and author Anita Willets Burnham. The log house was eventually bequeathed to the Winnetka Historical Society, who orchestrated the awe-inspiring move (think extra wide load) to its new home on Willow Road. The Schmidt-Burnham log house now sits proudly in a native meadow adjacent to Crow Island School. The Historical Society has done an amazing job of restoring the house and offering visitors an in-depth glimpse into the history of this important piece of Winnetka's past. Check out their website for more information on the history of the house. When we entered the house we discovered a veritable time capsule filled with everything you might hope to find in a log house: a spinning wheel, chair/table, rope bed, dough box, antique trunks, books, baskets, flow blue china, pewter & copper, antique glass, 19th c. dresses & accessories, wooden bowls and tons of antique artifacts. The Burnhams were accomplished artists who taught art classes in the house, so there were lots of student paintings (many from the 30's-40's) as well as art supplies. This wonderful sale is one of our favorite memories! We're going to try to get some photos of the sale off of our "vintage" floppy discs (the sale was in the early 2000s) so we can share them with you. More to come...